Who Is Smart Inside Sales?

Smart Inside Sales was created with the simple mission to empower real estate team leaders, their agents and staff to grow their capacity for communication, accountability and leadership to their highest possible levels.  These three areas are the keys to fulfillment in business and often in life as well.

Our Story

Dale Archdekin spent years developing his sales management methodology while running the sales department for a top 5 Keller Williams Mega Team. Through trial and error he learned how to build both a profitable inside sales department and inspire and teach agents to convert online leads at a high level. Smart Inside Sales was founded in 2016 with a mission to motivate and support real estate business owners by providing them with a professional level of sales training rarely seen in the industry. Everyday our expert trainers and coaches work with our real estate agent and ISA clients to gain the confidence in their conversations that everyone deserves! By using our proven sales strategies and conversational techniques, that confidence grows turning mediocre agents into top producers!

I know what it’s like to struggle in my career or business. It’s painful and frustrating. I believe that although not everyone is cut out for every business or profession, everyone deserves to have a business or career that fulfills them and that they grow to have success in.  Plus, I like fixing things.” – Dale Archdekin, Founder

Honesty & Integrity Together Honesty and Integrity represent being committed to fairness and truthfulness even when it’s not easy or convenient.

Extreme Ownership Seize accountability, don’t avoid it. Accept ultimate responsibility for any task you are involved in or responsible for.

Value First Profit Second Providing value and impact to clients engaged with our company always takes priority over profit if the two are ever in conflict. If value or impact cannot be provided to a client, we should not profit.

Family, Relationships, Business We prioritize business so long as it does not negatively impact our business and work relationships. We prioritize business and our business/work relationships so long as it does not negatively impact our family.

Excellence in Service We strive to always provide the utmost in service to our clients. Even to the point of having the tough conversations that must be had in order for the client to experience positive growth toward their goals.

Our Values


Meet the Trainers


Dale Archdekin

Founder, Leadership Coach

Cain Cuninghame

Lead Conversion Trainer

Manny Becerra

lead conversion trainer


Dale Archdekin

Founder, Leadership Coach


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