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Conversion University for Teams is built on the foundation of proven lead conversion methodologies and strategies set by the industry titan himself, Dale Archdekin! Dale noticed a need for resources for agents, ISAs, and team leaders in the lead conversion realm that actually work with NO FLUFF. He has put together a team of powerhouse trainers dedicated to provide your team with effective strategies in the lead conversion space.

Every team can be a top performer making 200, 300, 400 transactions or even more each year with the proper training. That could be you. Check out the program and let's get connected.

How It Works

No action. No change. We have the highest quality ingredients to get your team cookin'!

Still Unsure? Check Out This Video of Barry Jenkins Raving About Our Program!

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Module 1


Module 2

Lead Assembly Line

Module 3

Conversation Principles

Module 4


Module 5

Objection Handling

Module 6

Closing Principals

Module 7

Personality Type

Module 8


Module 9

Time Management

What Our Clients Are Saying...

C.U. has helped me create easy flowing conversations…better understand objections to best help me solve their issues and give them what they need.

Ryan Sherill

ISA The Edge Group

Conversion University has allowed me to get new hires (ISAs) on the phone in 2 weeks when it used to take a month.

Cain Cuninghame

Dir. Lead Gen. Atlantic Sotheby’s Intl.

The way you guys have boiled down objection handling to a science is spot on.

Rokrbox ISA Team

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