While we work on setting you up with your trainer, here’s a message from our team:

Welcome to the SMART family, where we offer the BEST scripting and dialogue training program available. Congratulations on taking the first steps toward drumming up more business for the new year! Please be on the lookout for an email connecting you with your trainer in the next few days.

You'll have a weekly accountability meeting/mastermind with your trainer and a small group of other Agents. 
You'll have classes available to you daily, and they rotate, so don't worry if you miss a class you want to attend. (see schedule below)
You'll have access to The Prospecting Room, our virtual sales floor, where you can go to make your calls and meet potential role-play partners/groups. 
You'll have access to our exclusive Slack channel where you can find role-play partners  among our  hundreds of clients.
You'll have access to our video module course, Conversion U. (be on the lookout for an email to grant access!)

Here is the link to The Prospecting Room, which is the same link you will use to attend your scheduled classes:

Here is the link to our exclusive Facebook Group:

This is a lot to take in at once – here’s the link to the calendar of Rich Auble, our account executive. You will be able to book a quick onboarding call where he can walk you through this information:

Next Week's Schedule

Here is a link to our schedule which updates every Friday:

Topics Covered in the Classes Throughout the 12 Weeks

For any further questions or concerns, please click the button below to contact our support team!

Get Ready To Crush Your 2023 Goals!

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Get your Pricing

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