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"My wife and I have had our Real Geeks website for over 10 years! We love that is has a simple interface that is so easy to use, you need very little modification on the site to produce transactions YoY, and its insane with conversions! Overall, it is one of the best for housing look up, which we believe is the reason why we have gotten so much business... I mean we are talking multi million dollar deals. Just this month my wife closed a 3 million dollar deal on our website.

We love our Real Geeks website and will never part ways with it, their product and customer service are unmatched!"

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Everything You Need to Grow Your Real Estate Business

IDX Real Estate Website

Sleek, modern, luxury, highly optimized mobile responsive websites capture leads through property search and a variety of landing pages.

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    Fully Integrated IDX

    Offer your clients the most up-to-date MLS data available. Keep them off Portals and engaged with YOU.

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    Industry Leading Conversion Rates

    Real Geeks team obsesses over delivering the best converting platform in the industry. Every change is data-driven.

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    Fully Custom Websites

    Use their builder to customize sleek templates, or work with a 3rd party to build the website of your dreams.


Built from the ground to give agents the ability to deliver value at scale.

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    Track Lead Activity

    Agents can monitor real-time activity via the live activity feed. Know when leads are currently engaging on your site. Notify and trigger agents to follow up on high-engaging leads.

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    Lead AutoResponders

    Ensures fast response time to leads, increases engagement, conversion, and saves time.

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    3rd Party Integrations

    Limitless expansion with all of the industry’s best tools and lead sources.

Market Reports

Automatically sends up-to-date statistics about market conditions to client lead database.  

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    Provide your center of influence/sphere, and past clients with bi-monthly or monthly market reports of their neighborhood.

Increase user engagement with home valuation and search                widgets at the bottom of every market report. 

Lead Generation

The Real Leads Team will drive traffic to your website and landing pages by managing online marketing campaigns that will generate a steady flow of buyers & sellers to the site. 

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    Drive high-quality leads expressing intent at industry-leading CPLs.

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    Advanced audience targeting made easy.

Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solutions

Client Facing App

Leads can search, favorite, and save properties on mobile with ease. Deliver real-time property updates to your leads instantly with push notifications!

  • ✅ Direct integration with your MLS
  • ✅ Send push notifications on saved property searches
  • ✅ Track CPC, likes, shares, and other conversion metrics.
  • ✅ Keep your clients off the portals


Autoresponders turned up to 11. Real Geeks’ AI assistant, Robin, will instantly engage new leads. She has the ability to do discovery and set appointments.

  • ✅ Indistinguishable From a Human
  • ✅ Engage, Discover, and Schedule
  • ✅ No Sleep Needed
  • ✅ Won’t Turn on Humanity

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