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Spring Training 12 Week Program
for agents and ISAs

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We can’t just rely on listing and buyers to fall on our plate anymore – those days are OVER. In order to get business from this point going forward and hit your 2023 goals, you need to have a pipeline that is set up for success.

In the 12 Week Intensive program you will have access to 10 LIVE class options Monday – Friday each week. Additionally, you will be assigned a dedicated trainer to hold you accountable. You will meet with your dedicated trainer in a small group environment each week to review your struggles and successes.

This program is perfect for single agents or ISAs looking to grow their pipeline to generate more business. 

In this program, we are giving you all of the goods. You will be set up in a small group of 5 or 6 agents or ISAs and you will have a dedicated trainer that supports you and your goals every day. 

Throughout the 12 weeks you will have access to our Prospecting Room, where you will execute your sales calls for at least 1 hour a day, Monday – Friday. Dale has also opened up his tool kit of all of the tips and tricks to build a killer sales pipeline. There will be 2 LIVE classes a day offered in a breakout room exclusive to this program in The Prospecting Room. You will finish off each week with an accountability meeting with your dedicated trainer. 

Find it hard to motivate yourself? 


You just can’t get in the mindset to pick up the phone and start having conversations? 

We get it! That is why Dale has curated this program to have a dedicated coach meet with you weekly to align you with your goals, help you with your struggles, and give you that push you need to get it done. 

Nope, we aren’t kidding… we are serving up 10 LIVE classes each week, Monday – Friday. Our talented and experienced trainers will guide you through everything you need to do to plump up your dead pipeline. Each week offers a different set of classes varying from topic to topic. Check out a few class topics below. 

Online Leads Intro Script & Common Objections 

Seller Objections Roleplay

Buyer Objections Roleplay

UnGhosted! Workshop

CRM Automations/Campaigns – Workshop

Open House Script 

ISA Structuring 

and so much more! 

You need to make contacts consistently to effectively structure your pipeline. Dale curated this program to ensure you are getting all the information you need to be successful. 

If you step up the the plate and commit your self for 12 weeks you will see insane results for your pipeline. You can expect…

3X Your Buyer Pipeline & Seller Pipeline.

3X your Appts, Deals, and Contracts.

Larger connection and network of real estate agents across the US. 

Conversion University LIVE Team Training

10% OFF



Conversion University is a comprehensive real estate lead conversion program that touches on everything you need to generate more business.

What sets this lead conversion training apart is that you have weekly group calls with a coach dedicated to your team. You and your team of agents roleplay the concepts you learn in the course modules, hold each other accountable, and listen to call reviews.

This program is perfect for teams of 3 or larger. 

This program was created after nearly a decade of perfecting lead conversion techniques to stop wasting leads, handle objections more effectively, and book more appointments that lead to more commission checks. When you sign up you get…

Your teams own dedicated trainer 

Four training sessions a month covering varying topics and role play scenarios 

Consistent accountability 

A support network

Personalized training where your trainer listens to your calls and gives you advice on what to change or what you are doing well

Access into the Prospecting Room 


Training without accountability is like an idea without execution. Your dedicated trainer will push you to your limits and make sure you are doing everything you can do be successful. 

Convert 5x More Leads

Improved Conversations and Scripting 

Book 3X More Appts/Week

Increased Number of Transactions 

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