Who We Are and What We Do at Smart Coaching & Training

Smart Coaching and Training was founded back in 2016 with the goal of improving the real estate lead conversion training and skillset of individual agents, ISAs, and teams. Our programs are based on methodologies and tactics that have been proven in the field and used extensively by our founder and owner, Dale Archdekin. 

Since our founding, we have grown to offer a diverse amount of real estate training programs that all include our nine module Conversion University course and access into The Prospecting Room. 

Find The Program That is Right For You!

Read through all of our training, coaching, and consulting programs! We have something for just about everyone. 

NEW!! Pipeline Builder | 12 Weeks

LIVE Classes | Dedicated Trainer | Accountability | 5 Days a Week Support

So you have been riding the most INSANE rollercoaster the past year, plenty of business, tons of deals and contracts being signed…. BUT are you starting to feel the big drop? Are you FREAKING OUT because you don’t have any business and have been neglecting your pipeline?

Well you have two choices; you can wallow in self pity and feel bad for yourself because you don’t have any business


You can take action. Join our 12 week program and start building a pipeline that is producing so much business, your competition’s sales pipeline will look dry and crusty.

Get ready to crush your 2023 goals.

Conversion University

Dedicated Team Training

Curated for teams of any size, each team is assigned a dedicated trainer and meets weekly for live role play, call review, and training. The environment is great for real estate teams looking to up their game on objection handling and increase their lead conversion. Bonus, you and your team will be set for success on accountability to understand what goals to set and how to track them. 

Group Training for Individual Agents

This lead conversion training program is perfect for an ISA or a single agent. Hosted in a small group environment that meets weekly, you practice strategies with your trainer, role play to perfect concepts, and review your own calls. You’ll also get accountability needed to succeed in order to obtain your goals.  

SMART Leadership

Consulting & Training for Team Leaders

Designed specifically for team leaders, this program is the path to a self-sufficient business that dominates your market and helps you expand into new markets. It’s the complete lead conversion and real estate training package that ramps up accountability, organization, and communication for all aspects of your business. 

Smart Inside Sales

Recruiting and Hiring an ISA

Are you leaving leads on the table just because you can’t get to them? I am going to break it to you… It’s time to hire an ISA. I know, but how are you going to find the time to do that? Don’t worry we have you covered.


Our recruiting and hiring service takes the reins to find you an ISA in your area that will help you. We will execute all efforts needed to put forward quality ISA candidates. We will run ads in your local market, pre-screen the candidates and put them in front of you for the interview.


BOOM. Call it an ISA slam dunk.

New ISA On Ramp

So you hired an ISA that blew your socks off in the interview but now what?

Training a newly hired ISA and giving them the attention they need is imperative to their success. Just throwing them a scripting manual, access to your CRM, and saying “good luck!” just will not cut it.


This program is for you. We will take your newly hired ISA and put them through an intense 2 week training. 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, for a total of 10 sessions.

Let us make your new ISA into a lead converting MACHINE!


The sessions include CRM training, script training, call reviews, and

live action role play.


ISA Department Consulting

Looking to build your ISA department from the ground up? OR do you currently have an ISA department that just is not hitting your goals?

Work directly with your own dedicated consultant 4 sessions per month. Our consultants actually have been in the field and built successful ISA departments. We have some of the top ISA consultants who currently work with nationally recognized real estate teams available to help you create a killer ISA department.


 We give you everything you need to recruit, screen, hire, manage and lead an ISA in your organization. This includes CRM and lead source set up, ISA management best practices and a solid hiring process.

Training for Your Existing ISA

Do you have an existing ISA or team of ISAs in need of training? Are they just not hitting the metrics you need them to execute? Hook them up with us and we will run them through Dale’s proven training methodologies to make them into a lead converting MACHINE! 

Each session is 50 minutes and meets for 4 sessions each month.

I know… it seems to good to be true, well I promise you it’s not! 


But That's Not All..


We embed accountability in ALL of our programs. It is the heartbeat of what we teach. We are your sales trainer, coach, mentor, leader, and the place you come to when you want to share a win or get picked back up from the mat when the business punches you in the face. 

We have agents, ISAs, teams, and brokerages all over North America. That is why we created our client dashboard. This houses all of the metrics you need your agents and ISAs to track for success. 

 This is one of the greatest support groups you will ever experience, and we pride ourselves on that. We add the human element into the work we do because well… we have all run into roadblocks and Karens that can make you feel lonely and unmotivated.

Don’t worry we got you here! Remember, it is 5 times harder to succeed alone. 

The Prospecting Room

Open Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm EST. Operated through Zoom. 

We have answered all team leaders, agents, and ISAs dreams. We have found the solution to making prospecting fun and not lonely, heck you might even look forward to it! 

The Prospecting Room is a complimentary addition to ALL of our training, consulting, and coaching programs. It’s a virtual sales floor filled with likeminded agents/ISAs executing their sales calls.We also have breakout rooms available to do live action role play. Grab your buddy and practice those conversations before you make your calls! 

A few of our staff members, including our trainers and Dale himself pop in there from time to time to help mentor, coach, and role play with you. And our fabulous administrative team is in there every day sprinkling in funny memes and motivational quotes to cultivate an unbeatable culture. 

Meet Our Founder, Dale Archdekin

Dale has about 16 years of experience in the real estate world and is a lead conversion expert. He’s originally born in the Midwest and currently resides in the suburbs of Philly. He partnered to build the #2 team in his area and lead the Top 5 KW Mega Team to many years of success. 

He started out selling real estate in his hometown of Philly. He was primarily a listing agent, but really he was a hardcore prospector living in the world of consistently calling expireds, FSBOs, and doing cold prospecting every day. 

 I developed training materials that allowed me to take a stranger off the streets with no real estate experience, combine them with our average lead mix, put them through the training, and have them produce 60 transactions for the team with their first 12 months. 

Here's Dale's Own Words About How Conversion University Got Started

” Eventually, another agent came into my office and told me we had a new website that was dumping leads onto the floor and nobody was working them. So he asked me to. We partnered up and started figuring out how to build a team around working these leads. I suggested we hire some ISAs. and did, but we didn’t execute it well and we wasted money. 

I went back to the drawing board, studied some other industry titans that were using ISAs with their sales team to successfully convert leads, and learned how it worked. We took their principles and processes, integrated them into our own, and scaled that company to 5 agents 100 transactions per year to 30 agents and 650 transactions per year. 

We built our ISA department into a repeatable process that worked. I developed training materials that allowed me to take a stranger off the streets with no real estate experience, combine them with our average lead mix, put them through the training, and have them produce 60 transactions for the team with their first 12 months. 

At some point I realized that the tools I built and the skills I developed around training and teaching could be used for other real estate teams. That was the genesis of Smart Coaching and Training back in 2016. Since then, we’ve been bringing those skills, tools, and processes to other teams and brokerages around North America, with immense success. Now we service clients from coast to coast in the US and Canada, ranging in production from 100 million to 500 million.”

Do You Want to Consult with Our Sales Team to See What Program Works Best For You?

Click the button below to reach out to our Account Executive Rich Auble. He will be able to guide you in the right direction to get started with the best training program for you. Some of our training programs make a great cocktail when they are combined together! If more than one program interests you, please connect with Rich. 

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