Are you ready to hire a profitable ISA? Climb higher with Smart Inside Sales ISA Ascend. Just as every great climber needs a belayer to manage their rope and help guide them on the best route to the top, ISA Ascend is designed to take you from pre-hire to leader of an accomplished ISA department efficiently and safely!

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Reduction in Bad Hire Costs
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Increase in ISA Productivity and Output
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Clarity Into Key Performance Indicators

Who is ISA Ascend for?

Currently bringing in 150,000+ annual GCI

Have a solid assistant handling transactions

Have lead generation platform in place

How does ISA Ascend work?

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What Others Are Saying...

C.U. has helped me create easy flowing conversations…better understand objections to best help me solve their issues and give them what they need.

The way you guys have boiled down objection handling to a science is spot on.


(all the same as CU checkout page plus below)

ISA Belay is designed to help you avoid a bad hire from the start and train the best fit as soon as you hire them. Take a wrong step and slip a bit- no worries, we’ve still got you for up to two years! We’re here to assist your climb without restarting from the ground up.We’ll evaluate what can be improved on for the next hire and assist you through the Weekly Pre-Hire LIVE consulting calls until we find the best ISA for your team.
We are only able to provide coaching and training for agents and ISA’s currently living the United States and Canada for real estate markets in North America.
Your 2 year membership in PROGRAM NAME, is $1500/month for 6 months totaling $9,000 or $8,000 one-time payment.
We recommend preparing to hire at least 2 ISA’s. Your 2 year membership in PROGRAM NAME covers up to 5 ISAs.
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