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ISA Ascend- Reach Your Peak


Are you ready to hire a profitable ISA? Climb higher with Smart Inside Sales ISA Ascend. Just as every great climber needs a belayer to manage their rope and help guide them on the best route to the top, ISA Ascend is designed to take you from pre-hire to leader of an accomplished ISA department efficiently and safely!

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Bolt-On Sales & Managment


Need help ensuring maximum conversions for your real estate team? Leverage our expert coaching and processes to directly manage your sales team with weekly sales meetings ran by a dedicated coach to ensure optimal performance from your agents.

One-on-One Business

Consulting for Team Leaders

Lead management support, team accountability support, Agent/ISA recruiting support.

Currently a waitlist, please contact us for more information and to get on the waitlist.

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ISA Department in a Box


Feel comfortable and confident hiring your own ISA to be a dedicated lead assassin for your team.  This five video module training course for Team Owners or Managers is the most complete training available in the real estate industry. The training covers recruiting, screening, hiring, compensation, how to train, managing, tracking, coaching and holding your ISA team accountable.

Solutions for Agents/ISAs

Conversion University (white)

conversion university


Conversion University is the industry leading lead conversion training program for ISAs and Real Estate Agents. It is designed specifically to support real estate teams in leveraging critical lead conversion training using the most updated and cutting-edge techniques currently employed by the top teams across the country. C.U. covers scripting, dialog, objection handling, and closing skills.  The course also includes how to receive, manage, and categorize leads so they don’t get lost in your CRM. Use C.U. to arm your sales team and blow the lid off your conversion rates!

Dedicated Sales Training


Love Conversion University but want your own dedicated coach exclusively for your team or a dedicated group of agents? You’ll love our dedicated sales training program!

You’ll have your own time slot, your own dedicated coach, and know that week after week you can work together as a team or group of agents to perfection your conversion skills together.

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