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Looking to up your lead conversion game?
Are you just not hitting your goals and not sure why?
Are you dreading picking up the phone and executing prospecting?
Do you pick up the phone and struggle not knowing what to say?

Conversion University is a one of a kind training program - you won't find anything like it out there in the sea of real estate coaching, trust me.

We dive deep into scripting and dialogue strategies. You will work on going beyond your script and understanding the "why" in every question you ask your leads. These strategies are positioned to build rapport efficiently with every call you make. We won't just throw some scripts at you and say, "ok. make your calls". Each lesson is curated to teach you how to have better conversations so that you won't rely on scripts in the future.

We are proud to offer Real Geeks users a discount on our top programs proven to improve your conversations with leads & 5x your lead conversion.

Convert 5x More Leads

Easily Avoid Objections

Book 3x More Appts/Wk

Close Like A Pro

See What People Are Saying...

Exclusive Offering

Conversion University for Real Geeks Members

Pipeline Builder Program 12 Week Intensive

$1,275 one time payment

For Real Geeks Single Agents or ISAs looking for training for themselves.

Conversion University Team Training


for Real Geeks members who want training for their team.

The Pipeline Builder 12 Week Program

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The Roller Coaster Remedy

The Cure for a Dead Pipeline is Making Quality Contacts Consistently.

So you have been riding the most INSANE rollercoaster the past year, plenty of business, tons of deals and contracts being signed…. BUT are you starting to feel the big drop? Are you FREAKING OUT because you don’t have any business and have been neglecting your pipeline?

Well you have two choices; you can wallow in self pity and feel bad for yourself because you don’t have any business


You can take action. Join our 12 week program and start building a pipeline that is producing so much business, your competition’s sales pipeline will look dry and crusty.

Get ready to crush your 2023 goals.

Size Matters, Especially for Your Pipeline

3X Your Buyer & Seller Pipeline 

It is time to start generating business. We can’t just rely on listing and buyers to fall on our plate anymore – those days are OVER. In order to get business from this point going forward and hit your 2023 goals, you need to have a pipeline that is set up for success.

In this program, we are giving you all of the goods. You will be set up in small groups of 5 or 6 Agents or ISAs and you will have a dedicated trainer that supports you and your goals every day. 

Throughout the 12 weeks you will have access to our Prospecting Room, where you will execute your sales calls for at least 1 hour a day, Monday – Friday. Dale has also opened up his tool kit of all the tips and tricks he knows to build a killer sales pipeline. There will be 2 classes a day offered in a breakout room exclusive to this program in The Prospecting Room. You will finish off each week with an accountability meeting with your dedicated trainer. 

You need to make contacts consistently to effectively structure your pipeline. Dale curated this program to ensure you are getting all the information you need to be successful. 

Topics Covered in the Classes Throughout the 12 Weeks

Check Out This Weeks Class Schedule!


Module 1


Module 2

Lead Assembly Line

Module 3

Conversation Principles

Module 4


Module 5

Objection Handling

Module 6

Closing Principals

Module 7

Personality Type

Module 8


Module 9

Time Management

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