Key Real Estate Agent Tips for Winter

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Key Real Estate Agent Tips for Winter

If you’re a real estate agent, then you know that the winter months are often the slower months. But, like most things in life, the winter in real estate is what you make of it. The biggest mistake that agents make is thinking that they cannot generate and convert new business during the colder months, or that they don’t use the downtime that they do have to the fullest effect.

Real Estate Agent Tips for Winter: Don’t Sit on the Bench

One of the most important real estate agent tips for winter is to play like a champion. What that means is don’t let the perception of winter being slower keep you from going out and getting new business. People still are moving—they’re downsizing, they’re getting new jobs, they’re responding to life changes. On top of that, there are some clear benefits to buying and selling homes in the winter. Namely, that there is less competition from other buyers and sellers who think the winter is a real estate dead time.

The sad truth is that if agents or companies are lacking business in the fall and winter, it’s because they did not put in the work during the time leading up to that time. In other words, they did not build an effective real estate pipeline. And I’m sorry to say that those agents have no one to blame but themselves.

Because there might be less business in the winter, but there is still a lot to be had. So, keep pushing. Keep building your pipeline. Keep chasing down leads.

If Your Pipeline Is Lacking, Take Steps to Improve It

If your pipeline looks like it’s running dry, then the best real estate agent tips for winter that I have is to fill it back up.

  • Reach out to past clients for referrals – Past clients are a great way to generate real estate leads to put into your pipeline. Since they’ve worked with you one-on-one, they are a reputable source that other people they know can trust.
  • Be active on social media – Lots of people are on social media during the holidays, and during the winter in general. Use the slower winter months (if they are slower for you) to up your social media game. Start posting videos of you and your family, of your current clients, and other activities in your day to day work or personal life.
  • Take a look at all your real estate marketing – In addition to social media, one of the best real estate agents tips for winter is to check out your current marketing activities and how they can be improved. Do your emails need to be refreshed? Is there a drip campaign you can implement when the New Year begins? What types of social media ads are currently working for other agents in your market?

The Bottom Line Is this: DON’T Slow Down

It’s fine to take a little break around the holidays and enjoy time with your family, but don’t look at the entire winter as a time to take a break. In fact, the winter is a time for speeding up. One of the best real estate agent tips for winter is to make the calls, send the emails, get in touch with old leads, talk to your network, shore up existing systems in your business.

Always be thinking: what can I do TODAY to set my business up for more success now and in the spring market?

If you’re feeling the stress because winter is here and you haven’t been working on your pipeline or lead generation, then we’ve got a solution for you here at Smart Inside Sales. Our Build Your Pipeline program is weeks in which you’ll learn all the skills, techniques, and strategies needed to build a predictable, reliable stream of new business.  

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Real Estate Videos Agents Should Be Making in 2023

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Real Estate Videos Agents Should Be Making in 2023

Real estate videos have become a huge part of agent marketing. When people start their search for a home, they go online first. And once they’re online, most people would prefer to watch a video rather than read something. Real estate videos showing listings and videos conducting tours of homes have become a must. But the question is, as we move into 2023, what other creative ways can agents make use of real estate videos?

Here are some of the key types of real estate videos that agents should be making as we move into 2023.

Show the neighborhood

When people purchase a home, they are also buying into the neighborhood. In addition to listing videos of the house itself, do a real estate video of the surrounding neighborhood and town to showcase local businesses and what it has to offer. Show the street the house is on and anything cool that is close by. Incorporating drone footage of the neighborhood will take your video to the next level!

Make a school review video

For families, the local schools are a huge selling point for buying a home. Do some research on the local school district and make a video that highlights what its strengths are. Again, most people would much prefer to watch a video than read something.

Client testimonial videos

Online reviews on Zillow or even your own website are often taken with a grain of salt by readers. However, if you can ask a happy client to shoot a quick video of themselves on their phone explaining why they loved working with you and what you did for them, that comes off as much more genuine and believable.

“Just Sold” Video

Similar to a client testimonial video, the “just sold” real estate video will showcase your past work, show your relationship with your client, and let a potential client see the types of home that you normally sell. Show off the house, but make it personal and try to have yourself and the client in the video. You can just shoot it informally on your phone.

Showcase yourself

A lot of agents will have an “about me” video on their website. But if you really want to build a personal connection with leads and clients, then shoot videos of your life! Whether you’re on the job driving to a listing appointment or at your kid’s soccer game, shooting a quick video on your phone and sharing it on social media can help build a personal connection with your network.

Explainer videos

Explaining real estate topics or how the selling or buying process works is nothing new. But doing it on videos that are easily consumed will help establish yourself as the expert in your market on all things real estate.

Give Yourself an edge with real estate videos

People want to watch videos, so give them what they want! Implementing these simple real estate videos into your marketing strategy will help you get a leg up on the competition and help build trust with the clients and potential clients in your market. Just keep them informal, short, and sweet—the more personal, the better!


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