How to Make Real Estate Lead Generation a Part of Your Daily Schedule

real estate agent daily schedule

How to Make Real Estate Lead Generation a Part of Your Daily Schedule

real estate agent daily schedule

Generating leads is one of the most important parts of your real estate business. After all, it doesn’t matter how amazing you are at buying and selling houses if you don’t have anyone to buy or sell them for. The problem for many real estate agents, though, is that they don’t dedicate enough time towards generating new leads.

I get it. You’re busy taking care of your current clients, negotiating deals, and contacting your existing leads. But if you don’t make time for real estate lead generation, then that long list of clients and leads will eventually dry up!

How to Build Your Daily Schedule: Include Real Estate Lead Generation

We’ve discussed in past articles how real estate agents should structure their day. Although a lot of it is common sense, if you’re like me then you often overlook or put off doing some of the most important things for productivity and success. Without going into too much detail again here, below are some important tips for structuring your day:

  • Get the minimum required sleep that you need to feel awake, energized, and motivated.
  • Exercise every day, even if it’s just a 15 minute walk around the block.
  • Do some type of mindset work, like journaling or mediation, to prepare yourself for the day and prevent negativity.
  • Have a hard start time to your work day.
  • Have a hard end time to your work day.
  • Block out time for important tasks (hint hint: for real estate lead generation)
  • Be flexible and tweak your routine to meet your changing needs.

Time Blocks Are Your Best Friend

Let’s be honest, if it’s not on your schedule, then odds are you’re not going to do it. You’ve got too many other things to do that are on your schedule. That’s why a pro tip is to use time blocks on your schedule for certain activities, like real estate lead generation. For me personally, I like to do lead generation activities at the start of my work day, usually from about 9am to 11am. Then, if I don’t have appointments with leads or customers, I will also generate leads from about 2pm until my hard work day stop at 6pm.

By blocking out time and putting lead generation into your daily schedule, it stops feeling like an extra activity that you should only do when you have the time. Over time, you’ll adopt it as a key, core part of your day and critical piece of your real estate business.

Just like you schedule in meetings or trainings, you also need to consistently set aside time for generating leads and prospecting. For most successful agents, that means two to four hours each and every day.

More Tips for Real Estate Lead Generation

You might be saying, “Okay, I’ve built lead generation into my daily schedule, now what?” It’s a fair question. The answer is that there are a huge number of different real estate lead sources, and you need to find the ones that work best for your market and particular business. Here are a few ideas:

  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships with homeowner’s insurance companies, lenders, and even local businesses. You want as many people as possible referring whoever they can to use you to buy or sell a home. And you can do the same for their businesses.
  • Start with who you know. Reach out to people in your sphere to ask them for business. See if they are buying or selling a property and straight up ask them if they can refer other people to you who are buying or selling.
  • Keep your social media channels full of new and fresh content like videos, blog posts, tips, and more showing things happening in your career and your life. Be a refreshingly positive voice on the peoples’ feeds in your network.
  • Similar to social media, consistently send out emails. Put out emails reminding people on your list about the services you offer, how much success you have working with your clients, and your involvement in local community events.
  • Be active in your community by attending local city and board meetings, going to events, volunteering, and even signing up for training classes or going to local tradeshows. Get out there, make yourself known, and talk real estate as much as possible.

How to Conquer Real Estate Lead Generation

On the surface, generating real estate leads can seem like a daunting task. But as long as you work it into your daily schedule and do it bit by bit, you will start to see results. Be creative and see what other successful agents are doing, and copy them in your market! Once it becomes habit, then it will be second nature to you.

For more tips and strategies for generating and converting leads, then check out Conversion University today!   


Top Lead Conversion Strategies for a Spring Market

guy looking at real estate leads

Top Lead Conversion Strategies for a Spring Market

real estate clients

The ability to consistently convert new real estate leads is arguably the most important part of being a real estate agent. After all, if you can’t convert new leads then whether or not you can actually buy or sell homes successfully is pretty much irrelevant. You either turn your leads into happy clients, or your competitors will do it instead.

In this article I’m going over some key tips for real estate lead conversion to help you effectively and consistently generate new business for your company.

Tip #1: Speed Is the Key

This one may be obvious, but a lot of times new agents don’t understand just how important it is to speak to leads immediately. The moment they come on to your radar, you have to react to them. When it comes to internet leads, as many as 71% of them go to waste because people do not follow up with them quickly enough. To avoid this happening to your leads, always be sure to reach out to them as soon as they respond to an ad, send you a direct message, send you an email, etc.

Tip #2: Make Effective Use of Social Media for Real Estate Lead Conversion

With people answering phones less and less, social media is a must for generating cold leads. Whether you use organic, direct messaging, or paid ads, social platforms help you connect with potential clients and move them into your sales funnel. Social media analytics will also give you insights as to who is viewing and clicking your content. This information will allow you to tweak your social media and lead generation strategies to fit that demographic.

Tip #3: Use Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Buying and selling real estate involves huge transactions—for most people it’s the largest transaction they will make in their lives. That means that they will often be picky about who they work with. As an agent, you have to introduce them to your brand, who you are, what you offer, and how you’re going to help them accomplish their goals. The best way to do that is by consistently putting yourself in front of them via email drip campaigns. That way you’ll stay top of mind, and even if they aren’t ready to buy right now, when they are ready, they’ll think of you.

Tip #4: Calling Leads? It’s All about Your Mindset

It doesn’t matter how many scripts you study, how many objections you practice handling, or how much research you do on your leads. If you don’t have a positive, productive mindset, then you aren’t going to be successful on your phone calls. You have to think about the value you’re bringing to each lead, and your faith that the interaction will be successful for you both. As a real estate agent, you are helping the people you work with. They are lucky to be receiving your call, because you can palpably improve their lives. When you feel yourself becoming negative, take a break and focus on your commitment to helping others and yourself at the same time.

Tip #5: Have Real Conversations instead of Focusing Solely on Scripts

When it comes to real estate lead conversion, it’s important to not just rely blindly on a script. Scripts can be very valuable because they give you something to fall back on if the conversation gets off the rails, but they’re not everything. Prospects can tell when you are just mindlessly repeating something you memorized. Instead, use the script as a starting point but then have a real conversation. Forget the memorization and focus instead on objection handling techniques, sales discovery, and closing logically.


There’s a lot that goes into real estate lead conversion, and these tips are just a starting point. The best thing you can do is constantly evaluate and refine your process based on what’s working and what’s not working. Always be on the lookout for new ideas and what other successful agents are doing. Your lead conversion process will never be “finished”, but a constantly evolving system.

If you want some help with real estate lead conversion, I have a program that can help called Conversion University. It’s a combination of self-paced video training and LIVE interactive expert coaching. Our live sessions happen each week, at the same time, on video, in a small group environment for maximum impact.

Our expert trainers all have many years of converting leads themselves AND of successfully training and leading teams of ISAs and Agents. In our 50 minute live sessions, we feature a combination of teaching, roleplaying and reviewing real-life call recordings of our students.

If you have questions about how to consistently convert more real estate leads and grow your business, then check out our training programs today!


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