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About Conversion University

Conversion University is the industry leading lead conversion training program for ISAs and Real Estate Agents. It is designed specifically to support real estate teams in leveraging critical lead conversion training using the most updated and cutting-edge techniques currently employed by the top teams across the country. C.U. covers scripting, dialog, objection handling, and closing skills.

The course also includes how to receive, manage, and categorize leads so they don’t get lost in your CRM. C.U. covers exactly what your new ISA or agent needs in order to get on the phone with leads and start setting appointments in their first week. This lead conversion training far surpasses the common, entry-level sales training provided by the big box brokerages and real estate coaching organizations out there.  The techniques and strategies taught in C.U. are the techniques and strategies currently employed by seasoned, veteran agents and ISAs who are closing 50-75 transactions a year. Equip your sales army with Conversion University and watch them blow the lid off your conversion rates! 

Customers reviews

Conversion University is a single hub for that possesses all of the tools that are necessary to succeed in our industry. Regardless of experience, Conversion University has a lot of value to offer both leadership and individual agents.
Joel Fischer
Kimberly Davis Group
Conversion University offers a solid foundation for new and experienced ISAs that allows for the building/enhancement of their skills. The objection handling was boiled down to a science and spot on. This is not your average course!
Team At
Rockrbox Real Estate

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