Elite Team Domination

Elite Team Coaching is the complete package for fully leveraging coaching and training for you and your entire team. The focus is on ramping up the accountability, organization and communication of all aspects of your business, as well as crafting and executing an effective plan for dominating your market. This is the path to a truly leveraged and self sufficient business.

Elite Team Domination

  • 2X Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls for Leadership
  • 2X Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls for your Team
  • 2X Weekly Live Roleplay Sessions
  • 1X Weekly Call Review Sessions
  • Access to Roleplay Session Library
  • Access to Call Review Library
  • Access to CU Lead Conversion Training
  • Access to CU Script Manual
  • Access to CU Objection Handling
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

What Others Are Saying

I'm happy to say, after the course, we followed the interview pre-qualifications exactly as the program said to do. 234 applicants and five weeks later, we hired TWO rock star Inside Sales Associates.
Rich Spaulding
President: Kennesaw Life Real Estate & Remax Unlimited​
I would highly recommend Smart Inside Sales to anyone thinking about building an inside sales department. He is an amazing and inspiring coach to learn from.

Rick Stever
Director of Operations: Lou Cardillo Home Selling
I am without a doubt closer to reaching my goals because of the systems and strategies that Smart Inside Sales help put in place.

Lance Stadler
Director of Sales: Bonds Realty Group